The digital world has progressed at a super-fast pace in the last few years. Social Media has evolved and so has SEO. Integrating social media and SEO strategies is a totally different ball-game now compared to what it was a few years back. With the latest update in the major search engine (Google) algorithm, SEO has evolved far more than just keywords and links. Although a lot has changed in terms of SEO and Social Media, a few things do remain the same.

Regardless of the fact that social signals are not as significant as they used to be for ranking, when used properly, Social Media can still reap you the benefits. To help you make the best use of Social Media to enhance your SEO efforts, here are some tips that can make your social media and SEO efforts worthy.

• Optimize your social profiles and posts


Considering the fact that social media channels are search engines too, you need to curate your social profiles and posts in a way that is search-friendly so that people can find you easily. Every time you create a social account or write content for your post, keep SEO in mind.

• Use hasthags the right way


Make sure you understand what hashtags actually are before you start using them. Hashtags are how people search for content on sites like Instagram and Twitter. Using them in an appropriate way can help you get found easily.

• Mention and tag other pages


One of the best strategies to get noticed in Social Media is to tag and mention other pages in your post. This strategy, if used the right way, can amplify your post and make other users engaged. The more the engagement, the better are your chances of getting shared and driving more traffic to your website.