Video marketing is basically a marketing strategy that uses engaging videos into your marketing campaign. There can be various uses of video marketing. For instance, it can be used for promoting your brand, product or service. It can be used to build rapport with your customer. Besides, it can be used to promote customer testimonials, live stream events and viral content.


How does Video Marketing Work?







While video marketing may seem to be simple, there are a few complications that have to be understood before creating a video marketing campaign. Besides creating awareness about your company and product, video marketing provides useful insights into customer engagement and various other metrics. For a successful video marketing campaign, it is essential that you monitor these metrics and understand how your videos are creating an impact on the audience. This will eventually help you to increase customer engagement.


Advantages of Video Marketing






• Building trust is one of the main objectives of any company’s marketing efforts. Video helps you bond with your audience. It is that medium that lets customers know you and your brand better.


• Video helps build backlinks, boosts likes and shares and drives traffic to your site. Make sure to post your videos to YouTube with all the relevant tags. This is a must do when you wish to get a ranking for your videos.


• Most customers choose to watch a product video rather than reading a product description.


• Videos increase information retention. When your customers hear something, they tend to forget it soon. But, when they hear the same thing with a video, they retain the information for a much longer duration.


• Customers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video of your product rather than just read a description of the product with an image.




Video content is expected to take over the digital marketing world very soon. While written content will have its own value, digital marketers will have to step up their video marketing strategy to get the best results from their marketing campaign.