Having your site ranked at the top spot in search engines can be a game changer for your business. Research shows that 70% of users don't really scroll past the first page of a search result. This is because most people find what they are searching for right on the first page. This might make you wonder if you can ever get your site ranked on the first page of a search result.



Nevertheless, you have to understand that getting a first-page ranking is not that complicated or tough as it is thought to be. With the correct strategy and knowledge, you too can get your content to a higher ranking in search engines and maybe even reach the desired first-page spot.



In the following paragraphs, you will get to know about SEO and content marketing and how they fit together to provide you the desired results for your online marketing.



SEO and content have always been considered to go hand in hand. However, the extent to which they rely on each other is something that not many people are aware of.






While SEO is important for your website to show in the search engine results, it is the content of your website that engages your readers and turns them into clients and customers.



Moreover, content is also a factor that influences your SEO campaign in a big way. The relevance of your content for particular keywords determines to an extent the position that your site will achieve on the search engine result page.



Content and SEO strategy


To develop a good SEO strategy, the first thing to do is “keyword researching”. Then, you will have to determine the right keyword density for your content. While doing so, make sure that your content is unique and marketable.



If you ever took note of it, you must have found that behind every high ranking site there is a lot of good quality content. If you want to see desirable results from your SEO and content marketing strategy, you have to make sure that the two work together complementing one another.



Your SEO efforts with no quality content can be fruitless. When combined together, these can get your business website to the top of the search results.



So, allow me to share a handful of tips and strategies which will help you optimize your content for ranking success:



  • If you are a new to digital marketing, you have to understand that SEO is mostly about content marketing. High-quality content optimized with the correct keywords can set up your content for search engine results.When you come up with useful content, it is certainly going to get shared. Hence, by creating shareable content on a regular basis and integrating SEO principles on them, you are well on the path to increasing your online visibility.



  • Another factor which will help you enhance your rankings in search engines is to optimize your content for your readers. Write for your readers and not for the search engines. Search engines must be your next priority. When you keep your reader in mind while creating content, you are more likely to create better content that will increase visibility and get shared.



  • As a site owner, user-experience is one thing you need to be really paying attention to. Optimizing for user experience includes everything from a user-friendly site, to unique readable content.



  • Other than this, you should be certain that your site is mobile friendly. About 70% of media is consumed on mobile devices. Therefore, creating a responsive website is a must.


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